Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sweet Singing

Sometimes your children will do something really cute and sweet and you think to yourself, "Why can't they be like that all the time?" When these things happen, it reminds you about the enjoyable parenting moments. The other night Jeremy caught Piper singing to her music while she was trying to go to sleep. The kids each have a cd player in their rooms that play lullaby praise music for them to go to sleep to. We thought this would be a good idea and hopefully help them to go to sleep easily. It is not really the case, but it's the thought that counts, right?

Now you can hear Piper singing sweetly to The Lord's Prayer. I just think this is one of the sweetest things you can listen to. Maybe I think that because I'm her mom, but listen and you will agree. Hopefully the next time Piper does something that frustrates me or does something that she knows she is not supposed to, I can remember how sweet she can be by remembering this singing.

Jeremy had recorded her singing on his phone. When the song was over he left her room. She called out to him, "Are you going to put more singing on there Daddy?" She was so sweet!

The next time your child does something you do not approve of or deliberately disobeys you, try to remember the sweet things that they do. Remember that they will only be young once. One day your child will be all grown up and will move out of your house and you will only have the memories.


  1. that is so adorable! awwww. Makes me excited for Jadyn to reach that stage when she too can sing to her music! :)