Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rilian is 3 Months Old

It is hard for me to believe that three months have already passed since I gave birth to my baby boy, Rilian. The past three months have just flown by! I remember when Piper turned one year old. I wondered, "Where did the last year go?" I want to apologize for the color on some of these pictures. I don't know what happened, but I guess the flash didn't work. I don't give Rilian tummy time everyday. Shame on me! But there have been two times in the last two weeks that he was on his tummy and rolled over to be on his back.Rilian has such a sweet smile! He has really started to respond when we smile and talk to him. I think he might be a nudist in the making. It seems that when I take off his diaper to give him a new clean one he gets really excited and smiles and kicks his legs alot.
Seven LOVES Rilian! We are constantly telling Seven to get out of Rilian's face. Seven's face practically touches Rilian's face as Seven is saying, "Hi Rilian". It is so cute because Seven crinkles up his nose as he says Rilian's name.
Seven thinks it is funny when Rilian touches any part of him. He will laugh and say, "Rilian touched my hair" (or arm, leg, foot, whatever body part Rilian touches) and then get close enough for Rilian to keep touching it, each time laughing and saying the same thing.
Here is a picture of all the kids together. Jeremy was taking pictures of Rilian and they all wanted to lay beside him. I think Rilian is growing quite fond of Seven, too. He is looking at Seven in this picture.

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