Saturday, May 9, 2009

Photogenic Finn

Every parent has some pictures of their child that are just GREAT! You know the ones that I am talking about...the ones that will come in handy when your child is older, say high school...the pictures that are cute and funny now, but your child will find embarrassing later. Well, Finn has quite a few of those!

For Finn's third birthday, we got him a soccer ball with two goals. The white thing he has on his head came with the goals. I think it is supposed to be used to put the ball on. As you can see, Finn has found a different use for it. He decided it would make a good hat.

Not quite sure what Finn is doing in this picture. Quite the pose if you ask me! If I remember correctly, (I'm not sure how good my memory is since I was drugged up after just having Rilian) Finn had his fingers in his mouth and I told him to take them out of his mouth. I'm not sure how his hand ended up in the air. Those were some good drugs :) Great outfit, huh? Finn is one funny kid. This day he decided he wanted to wear this nice pink and yellow hat with a rainbow on it. There are matching gloves, but I guess he wanted to wear his black and red mittens. Poor kid, I tell him to smile so I can take his picture and he does. Little does he know what the future might hold for this and the other pictures!
Finn likes to play dress up with Piper. Unfortunately, Piper only has princess dresses to dress up in. So we finally found a knight costume for Finn to play dress up in. It is hard to find dress up clothes for boys. What's funny is Piper has some black boots and Finn will sometimes wear them with his knight costume. It looks hilarious!
Finn was jammin' to an mp3 player. What a cool kid!
There have been times when Piper will get our camera and take some pictures without us knowing until we go to download the pictures to our computers. This was one of those instances. It looks like Piper woke up Finn and then decided to take his picture. Thanks for the great picture, Piper! I'm sure Finn will thank Piper later when the picture goes public.
One Sunday we decided to take pictures of the kids after church in their nice clothes. Finn decided to stick his head through one of the holes on our cube that they can climb on.
Finn, Finn, Finn. Wow! What goes on in his mind? I really wonder sometimes. I was putting them in the truck to go somewhere and his goggles happened to be in there. He saw them and decided to wear them. Really funny! He wore them all the way to our travel destination. He kept saying that everything was blue. I wonder why!
This was a fourth of July picture. Jeremy was in Alabama on a mission trip with the youth group. Once again, Finn decided he wanted to wear goggles. And a bead necklace. I thought he looked pretty funny so I took a picture and sent it to Jeremy. Jeremy labeled this picture "Alien Finn."
We have a dress up box in the playroom. It contains many different things that the kids can use to "dress up." Finn raided the dress up box and found all the necklaces and bracelets. He smiled nicely for the camera, unknowingly where the picture might reappear in his future. Am I mean?
Before Finn had his knight suit this is one of the dresses he chose to wear while playing dress up with Piper. It is a Cinderella dress. I think he favors this one over the others. Even now, with a knight suit, he still wears this dress sometimes.
Here is Finn in the Barbie dress. He was wearing Piper's black dress shoes with it. Look how proud he looks! I just laugh.
I like to call this one "Bubble Monster." This is a really great picture! Jeremy just happened to snap the picture at the perfect moment and capture the bubbles streaming down.
I really debated about putting this picture on. I just wasn't sure if I should put a picture of my three-year-old in his underwear on the internet. I talked to Jeremy and he thought it would be okay. We agreed since Finn is three, it would be okay. So if you have a problem with it, take it up with Jeremy. Piper and Finn were running back and forth in the kitchen. They had both decided to be in just their underwear. Finn put his hands up in the air and made this wonderful face. HILARIOUS!!!
Have any of you ever seen the movie "Martian Child?" It's about a widowed man who decided to adopt a little boy, who thinks he is a martian from another planet. I think it is a really good movie. I would recommend you watch it. At one point in the movie, the man and little boy are in the car driving somewhere and the little boy is doing something weird because he thinks he is from another planet. The man looks at the boy and says, "You're just a freaky little kid." Jeremy likes to say that about Finn because he does some really "freaky" things at times. One day we were out in the yard and Piper had put some flowers behind her ears. Finn decided he would do the same. Then he looks at me and asks, "Am I pretty Mommy?" I replied, "Yes, Finn. You look pretty."
Last but not least...Finn's mohawk is back for another summer. Right after Jeremy gave it to him, he said, "Finn let me take your picture." This is how Finn chose to pose all on his own. Freaky little kid!

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