Friday, May 29, 2009

Funny is as Funny Does

Seven has done and said some pretty funny things the last few days. But then Seven is a little ham. I really think he is going to be the class clown when he starts school.

He likes to go in the dog run with the dogs, but he climbs up the ladder to get away from them. One of our dogs, Tymbre, is a lickaholic! She licks and licks and licks and get the picture. She just can't lick you enough, or so she thinks. Seven really doesn't like when she licks him. His solution...climb to the top of the ladder so Tymbre won't lick him. Smart kid! I guess if a dog was as tall as me, I probably wouldn't want it to lick me in the face either!
We are in the process of moving to a different house. One night Jeremy and I stayed over there really late to do some cleaning. Our children were at Granny Joyce's house and she said they could just spend the night since it was getting so late. Jeremy decided he would spend the night over there with them and then bring them home in the morning. Granny and Dadabe were leaving early in the morning so someone had to be there with the children. I had to be home because I watch a little boy during the week and he usually comes around 8:15am. So we decided it would be easiest for Jeremy to spend the night at his parents house. When he got there around midnight, Piper and Finn were still awake. They were laying on a pallet on the floor watching a movie. Seven was asleep on the couch behind them. So when Seven woke up in the morning he did not know that Jeremy was there. He did not see Jeremy sleeping on the bed nearby. Lately when our kids have gone over to Granny's house, they immediately start putting on their swimsuits and go get in the pool. Jeremy woke up to Piper saying, "Seven's gone!" Jeremy looked and Seven was not on the couch where he had been sleeping when Jeremy got there. Jeremy starts looking around the house for him. Seven had woken up and decided he was going to go swimming first thing in the morning. He was walking around the house with his swimsuit looking for someone to help him put it on. How funny! He couldn't find anyone because Granny and Dadabe had already left for the day. Poor Seven.

Last week, during naptime, I was sitting in the top bunk with Finn rubbing his back to help him go to sleep. Finn really likes this and is usually asleep within a few minutes when I do this. Seven is good and will fall asleep on his own in the bottom bunk. So nice! Well, this day Seven decided he was going to talk and make noises instead of going to sleep like the good little boy he is. I had told him a few times to be quiet. I noticed he got quiet and thought ok, he's asleep now. I kept hearing noises that sounded like someone was playing with paper. I thought it was Piper. When Finn was asleep, I climbed down the ladder of the bunk beds. As I got to the floor I saw that the reason Seven got quiet was because he wasn't there. That little sneak! He had snuck out of his bed and out of his room. Seven went to the playroom and got his trains. He brought them to the living room and decided he was going to play with them instead of take a nap. The noise I kept hearing was not Piper, it was Seven! Needless to say, Seven did make it back to his bed and took a nap!

Seven has recently started to enjoy jumping off of things. He's such a boy! The other day, he decided he was going to jump off our fireplace. I told him that he couldn't jump off right there because Rilian was laying on the floor near where he was going to land. I told him he couldn't jump near Rilian because he would hurt Rilian. Seven, being the strong-willed child that he is, kept saying he was going to jump. I kept telling him no. Finally, I told him if he jumped near Rilian he would get a spanking. Seven replied, "I can sit down." And he sat. Jeremy and I both laughed!

Yesterday I had woken Rilian up to feed him. I often wonder how late he would sleep in the morning if I didn't wake him around 9:30am! Seven insisted that he was going to feed Rilian. Hmm...don't think that it is possible for a 2 year old brother to nurse his baby brother. Seven had already sat down on the couch and put the Boppy on his lap. He had assumed the position. Seven got really upset when I took the Boppy from his lap and put it on mine. He stated, "No! I feed Rilian!" I looked at Seven and as I patted his chest, I asked him if he had milk in his chest. Seven replied, "No. I have water."

Soooo funny!!!! Do you agree he might be a future class clown? In a few years his school might be taking nominations. This folks, is why I have a blog! So you too, can enjoy the funny things that my children say and do!


  1. Glad I found your blog! Looking forward to reading it. :)

  2. Hi Amy! This is Melanie, Joyce gave me your blog address and I am excited to see and hear more about your sweet little ones. Seven sounds like a hoot!