Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Day at the Park

I had forgotten about these pictures until I was cleaning out my email. They were taken in March. Jeremy was up at the church helping out with LTC and I needed to go to the store. So I left Piper, Finn, and Seven with Jeremy, while Rilian and I went to the store. While I was gone, Jeremy had to run to the store to get some more supplies for the drama props. So, he left one of our teens (Whitney) in charge of our children. When I got back, I saw Whitney, but none of our children. Hmm...I thought Whiteny was a reliable babysitter. Turns out one of the college students (Tiphanie) had taken our kids to the park across the street. When I drove over to the park, the first thing Tiphanie said to me was, "I apologize for getting them dirty." I said, "That's ok, it's bath night. You can come over and give them a bath." I can't understand why she wouldn't agree to that. I mean, she is the one who allowed them to get dirty, shouldn't she be the one to clean them? Totally joking, Tiphanie! But I do appreciate these wonderful pictures that she took!

Finn likes to take off his flip flops and put sand in them. He has a pretty good imagination, so who knows what he was thinking or pretending to do with his flip flops.
Finn also likes to lay down in the sand. He likes to wallow in the sand. He likes to roll around in the sand. What a boy! Look at the sand on his forehead.

Piper the climber! She climbed up the chain ladder and then turned around to pose for the picture. Tiphanie said Piper even climbed up the outside of the tunnel slide. I've seen her do that at a different park on a much higher tunnel slide. I let her do it a couple of times and then realized I was at the park with my three children (I was pregnant with Rilian at the time) alone. What if Piper fell off the top of the slide and broke her arm? What would I do? I'd have to load my three children into the vehicle, one of which had a broken arm, and take them all to the ER. I think I was wise to tell her to stop climbing to the top of the slide from the outside.
Tiphanie took such good pictures of my children! I really like this picture of Seven laying in the sand. And yes, after some spray-n-wash, his shirt is still white!
What an adorable picture of Piper and Finn! I don't know if I could have gotten as good of a picture as Tiphanie did. For some reason, Piper and Finn don't cooperate very well when I try to take cute pictures of them. I think it has something to do with me not cooperating with my mom when she tried to take so many pictures of me. I guess it is true what they say...what goes around comes around. Or whatever the saying is!
It looks like Finn and Seven were too interested in playing in the sand than taking a picture. Piper seemed to be more interested in looking at the camera. It's still a good picture!

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