Saturday, May 30, 2009

Granny is SOOOO much fun!

As parents, we all know how much fun our children have at Grandma's house. Often we find our children being allowed to do things that we were never allowed to do as a child. Last week, my children were at Granny's house. Our four Siberian Huskies reside at Granny's house because the pet deposit where we live is outrageous. We made a dog run so our children could also still have a yard without dog poop to play in. The kids like to go in the dog run sometimes and spend time with their dogs. The dogs love it too. We have a kiddie pool for the dogs so they can cool off when they get hot. Granny Joyce had just put fresh water in it. It had rained a day or so before that. My children decided they were going to play in the mud. As you can see, after they had mud on them, they decided to get in the dogs nice clean water. Obviously, it did not stay clean. I think this picture is really cool because Piper was jumping in the mud and Granny captured it just as Piper was in the air.

The end result after Finn decided he was done playing in the mud.
Piper's end result after she was done playing in the mud. Notice the dogs in the background wanted nothing to do with the mud or muddy children!
The kids decided to clean each other off with the sprinkler. How fun!

I guess one time playing in the mud was not enough fun for my children. We were invited by some good friends, the Blasingames, to go out for Raymond's birthday. We do so much with them that we call each other our "other family." We had left the children at Granny Joyce's house earlier that day since we were still moving. When it was time to go to eat for the birthday, we couldn't take our children because they had taken advantage of the mud that the rain had made. They were literally living mud puddles! While Jeremy and I were over at Joyce's, Seven had decided that he was done playing in the mud. Granny Joyce sprayed him off with the hose, but he was stained because it is red dirt. She said they'd get in the pool and then in the bath and hope it comes off!

Look how much fun Finn is having. Don't you wish you could join him?

It had rained alot that week! There were alot of mud puddles to have fun in because our dogs like to dig holes. They didn't mind the kids playing in them. In fact, they didn't really want anything to do with our muddy children.
I don't know if Piper was making handprints here or if she had fallen and caught herself. She really doesn't like to get her hands dirty, so look at her hand that is in the air. Her fingers are all spread apart.
There's Seven coming to join the other two in the mucky muck.

Ewww! I am glad that I am not the one that was cleaning them off!

Piper and Finn had been throwing mud on Seven. Granny told them to stop. But he sure looks proud!
Mud monster Finn!

For some reason Piper decided she didn't want to wear the top of her swimsuit. It's a good thing she has a mud shirt on!
Piper was being sprayed off with the hose. This is the first step in the cleaning process.

The End! They all came clean! Seven has a bubble bum! Granny said the kids had dumped out all the soap in the bathtub. It was a brand new container. Sorry Granny!

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