Wednesday, April 15, 2009

7 is 2!

Figure out that math! 7 is 2! What? Seven turned two years old on Saturday. I was trying to decide what kind of birthday party he would have. Hmm...what does Seven like? He likes penguins; we could have a Happy Feet party. I did not find anything for a Happy Feet party. He LOVES Barney! Yes, the purple dinosaur Barney. You mean you actually let your child watch that? No, it was his Granny who introduced Seven to Barney. I really did not want to have a Barney birthday party, but it would have REALLY made Seven happy! I did look for Barney stuff and did not find anything. I didn't think I would find anything, but I thought it really couldn't hurt to look. I tried to think about what else Seven likes right now. So we ended up having a Thomas the Tank Engine birthday party. Here is the cake Jeremy made for Seven. He has made all of our children's birthday cakes, except for two.
Seven with his cake. We had his birthday party on Easter Sunday. Jeremy and I were out of town on his actual birthday so we celebrated his birthday on Easter Sunday. Seven, Piper, and Finn were staying with Jeremy's parents. Jeremy's mom texted Jeremy with a text that read, "It's official, the two's are terrible." Jeremy and I just laughed. We were good parents and did call him on his birthday to wish him a Happy Birthday. Although he wasn't in a very good mood when we called because he was in time-out. Jeremy was able to get him to smile over the phone. While my mom was getting a knife to cut the cake, Seven and Finn were picking the icing off the cake and eating it. Piper eventually joined them.
Seven wasn't waiting on a fork to eat his cake. Until he got a fork, he was bending down to his cake and eating it with his mouth. He got a little icing on his mouth.
I'm glad he took off his hat, to eat his cake without a fork, so he didn't get icing on it.
I didn't want to bore you with pictures of Seven opening presents, so here is just one!

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